HOG 4.5

Hunter of Gunmen Designed by: GySgt Dave (Norseman) Williams   I want to start out by saying I am slightly bias as Dave is a fellow Marine. Dave spent many years developing this knife during his time as a Marine Scout Sniper. The History of the HOG 4.5 The HOG is a name earned by a certified US Marine Scout Sniper. HOG means Hunter of Gunmen, because they hunt men with guns. This knife was a long time in the making. Dave even carried around a piece of wooden closet rod and carved and sanded it until he got it where he wanted it. My first thought while holding this knife was how damn rugged it felt. This knife is 9 ¾” O.A.L. (Over All Length) and 3/16” thick with a blade length of 4 3/8”, and is made of 1095 High Carbon Steel. The knife weighs 8.3oz alone and 12.5oz with the sheath. As I gripped the knife in many different ways, it always maintained its comfort. The grip is made out of Black Linen Micarta. The texture adds the right amount of grip both dry and wet while not being to grippy. What I really enjoyed while working this knife is that it doesn’t tear you up or give you any hot spots. I spent some time cutting, carving, and stabbing all sorts of things. It cut though all kinds of rope with ease, as well as I cut wire and some small cable with it. It carved through soft woods like butter and with just a little more energy hard woods as well. This knife when stabbed sunk pretty deep, sometimes deeper than an inch in softwoods! The only thing I don’t like is the sheath. The cover gets in the way, and even if removed the Velcro strap doesn’t secure the knife tightly. I will probably either get a new sheath or modify this one. Overall I find this knife to be a perfect combination of a utility knife and a fighting knife. I can see myself carrying this one around especially during hunting season. You can pick this knife up from TOPS Knives at http://www.topsknives.com/