Live Free or Die Shoot 2018

We at FHG and S3F are very excited to announce the 3rd Annual Live Free or Die Shoot! The event will be held at Cheshire County Fish and Game in Keene, NH. The CCF&G facility is a growing facility allowing many shooting events, participants, and vendors to participate in events such as the Live Free or Die Shoot. We will be holding the event on Saturday September 15th, 2018. Online Registration will be available soon. Gates and onsite registration opens at 8:30am and mandatory safety brief will begin at 9am. Events will run until 5pm. A cease-fire will be called from 12PM-1PM for lunch and demonstrations. Lunch will be provided for all that purchase a ticket. Bring plenty of water. Spaces are limited in which registered attendees will be capped at 200 participants max. Early registration is encouraged. The focus of the event is on safety education, community, and recreational shooting.

There will be Multiple Courses and demonstrations throughout the day:

S3F 2-Gun Course: Use your own guns or run some of the competition and sponsors guns available!

Rob Pincus: Will be teaching a 2 hour Intro class in the morning and afternoon. (Will require a defensive pistol, three magazines, belt holster, magazine carrier, and 200rds of ammo.)

Mark Palazio of Practical Defense Tactics: Will be teaching his Beyond the Basics Course. Our comprehensive approach to training instills core fundamentals and strengthens students’ knowledge of advanced practical, proven techniques. We have developed courses for all skill levels to provide specialized cost-effective training solutions that address our student’s needs. PDT’s mission is to promote the mental attitude and develop fundamental skills and safe gun handling that will prepare our students for the challenges for both competitions and self-protection.
“Beyond the Basics” course is designed to build upon the skills of each student. Students will be introduced to new concepts, skills and tactics designed to increase speed, efficiency and accuracy. Students will learn basic defensive shooting skills, positions and strategies for concealed carry and home safety while responding to a violent confrontation.
2 Hour Recommended Gear list:
An open mind, Any fully functional Semi-Automatic, Must have all factory-installed safety devices intact,300 rounds of ammunition (FACTORY AMMUNITION ONLY NO RELOADS),3 magazines minimum, Holsters must correctly fit the firearm used and must retain the firearm while moving.,Holster must completely cover the trigger guard,Good belt to hold equipment,Eyeand Ear protection(electronic preferred),Clothing suitable for all weather conditions, Proper footwear to allow full range of movement and balance (no open toe shoes).
2 Hour Subjects Covered:
Life Safety Brief,Grip, Body Position and Stance,Fundamentals of Trigger Control, Weapon Hand and Reaction Hand Shooting,Reloads,Malfunctions,Target Acquirement and Multiple Threats,Unsighted Fire,Law – Disparity of Force, Doctrine of Competing Harms and Use of Deadly Force.,Shooting from Retention

***The training classes are limited to 15 students per class and are first come first served. Signup sheets will be at the entrance just after you check in. Please only signup for a class by an instructor you haven’t trained with. This will allow new students better access to new instructors as well as giving you an opportunity to learn from someone new.***

Machine Gun Shoot: Highlander Arms will be handling the Ammunition sales on site and rentals. Plan to bring some cash for this one.

Tactical Development Group: Bill Lewitt will be teaching the basics of IFAK as well as the importance of adding it to your EDC as well as some bullet wound trauma lessons on some real pig meat.

Online registration will close on September 1st, 2018 and any remaining passes will be available at the gate on the morning of the event.

Professional photography will be provided.
For Vendor or Sponsor Registration please contact Robin at

Participant Event Cost: $75 All sales final.

Online Pre-Registration includes an event shirt, patch, swag bag, BBQ Lunch by Charcoal Charlie’s, and entry into the many prize drawings at the end of the day. Sizes cannot be guaranteed if you register after September 1st 2018, and you must be present to win any drawings. Drawing is to be held at 5pm.

**Recommendations for the best experience on the event day**

We will have all kinds of vendors some with specials for the event and a raffle for a charity to be named. You may want a little extra walking around money as there are no ATMs available.

Sponsors: (More Coming)

BMAC Photography
Freedom Hill Gear
Highlander Arms
Maiden Apparel
M2 Tactical
Northeast Munitions
PAN Engraving
Patriot Firearms School and Defense
PDN(Rob Pincus)
Polymer 80
Practical Defense Tactics
ROSCO Manufacturing
Savage Cerakote
Schultz Photography
Squared Away Customs
S3F Solutions
The Gun Box
Warrior Culture Gear
Yankee Hill Machine
2A Engraving
401 Tactical Advantage
603 Coatings

Months of preparation and costly training lie ahead for Robbie Hill while he prepares for a wingsuit jump from an unprecedented altitude of 40,000 ft. As an Osprey crew chief in the U.S. Marine Corps and a nationally rated canopy pilot, Robbie is no stranger to the sky.

Despite all the time spent in the air, little can simulate the complexity of the mission at hand. As we work to redefine the paradigm of human flight, factors such as altitude, turbulence, lack of oxygen, sub-zero temperatures and physical strain are but a few of the obstacles that need to be overcome.

By leveraging dedication, collaboration, training, and technology, Mission Volant will pioneer new territory in science and data acquisition. We will test the maximum potential of fabrics, flight equipment, physiology, and performance. Our goal is not only to break 5 world records, but to share the knowledge gained from this endeavor towards the progression of human flight.

Mission Volant’s record breaking flights will serve as a public platform to aid as a foundation in earning credibility to establish itself as a 5013C non-profit for veteran’s adventure therapy. Mission Volant is a project born to inspire and influence young dreamers and seekers, serving as a vehicle of innovation, insight, and inspiration.

With the laser focus of the osprey’s namesake, Robbie zeroes in on the jump date later this year. When history is made, where will you be?

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HOG 4.5

Hunter of Gunmen Designed by: GySgt Dave (Norseman) Williams   I want to start out by saying I am slightly bias as Dave is a fellow Marine. Dave spent many years developing this knife during his time as a Marine Scout Sniper. The History of the HOG 4.5 The HOG is a name earned by a certified US Marine Scout Sniper. HOG means Hunter of Gunmen, because they hunt men with guns. This knife was a long time in the making. Dave even carried around a piece of wooden closet rod and carved and sanded it until he got it where he wanted it. My first thought while holding this knife was how damn rugged it felt. This knife is 9 ¾” O.A.L. (Over All Length) and 3/16” thick with a blade length of 4 3/8”, and is made of 1095 High Carbon Steel. The knife weighs 8.3oz alone and 12.5oz with the sheath. As I gripped the knife in many different ways, it always maintained its comfort. The grip is made out of Black Linen Micarta. The texture adds the right amount of grip both dry and wet while not being to grippy. What I really enjoyed while working this knife is that it doesn’t tear you up or give you any hot spots. I spent some time cutting, carving, and stabbing all sorts of things. It cut though all kinds of rope with ease, as well as I cut wire and some small cable with it. It carved through soft woods like butter and with just a little more energy hard woods as well. This knife when stabbed sunk pretty deep, sometimes deeper than an inch in softwoods! The only thing I don’t like is the sheath. The cover gets in the way, and even if removed the Velcro strap doesn’t secure the knife tightly. I will probably either get a new sheath or modify this one. Overall I find this knife to be a perfect combination of a utility knife and a fighting knife. I can see myself carrying this one around especially during hunting season. You can pick this knife up from TOPS Knives at