Mission Volant – Robbie Hill Will Attempt To Break The Wingsuit Jump Altitude Record

Mission Volant – Robbie Hill Will Attempt To Break The Wingsuit Jump Altitude Record

Months of preparation and costly training lie ahead for Robbie Hill while he prepares for a wingsuit jump from an unprecedented altitude of 40,000 ft. As an Osprey crew chief in the U.S. Marine Corps and a nationally rated canopy pilot, Robbie is no stranger to the sky.

Despite all the time spent in the air, little can simulate the complexity of the mission at hand. As we work to redefine the paradigm of human flight, factors such as altitude, turbulence, lack of oxygen, sub-zero temperatures and physical strain are but a few of the obstacles that need to be overcome.

By leveraging dedication, collaboration, training, and technology, Mission Volant will pioneer new territory in science and data acquisition. We will test the maximum potential of fabrics, flight equipment, physiology, and performance. Our goal is not only to break 5 world records, but to share the knowledge gained from this endeavor towards the progression of human flight.

Mission Volant’s record breaking flights will serve as a public platform to aid as a foundation in earning credibility to establish itself as a 5013C non-profit for veteran’s adventure therapy. Mission Volant is a project born to inspire and influence young dreamers and seekers, serving as a vehicle of innovation, insight, and inspiration.

With the laser focus of the osprey’s namesake, Robbie zeroes in on the jump date later this year. When history is made, where will you be?

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