Freedom Hill Gear LLC (FHG) is a veteran-owned small business that originally started with a group of friends who had a vision to fight for 2nd  Amendment rights here in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire.

It was at this same time that I came up with the FHG logo. I wanted this logo to draw inspiration from the Gadsden Flag as this is the flag that stands for the American Spirit, and the freedoms sought by the American Revolutionaries back in the 1700’s. I wanted the logo to hold meaning for all who looked at it, and resonate with all firearm enthusiasts, especially those here in the Granite State. I wanted it to represent that same American Spirit; one who believes in responsible gun ownership and the will to stand up for what they believe to be right.

For all that enjoy target practicing, or any other recreational shooting we must stand together. If we do not, we may soon not have what our original Forefathers established in its complete form and that is “The right to bear arms”. Today we maintain and fight for that very importance of our 2nd Amendment rights. We also realize that while firearm ownership is high the availability to training is few and far between.

So, what started out as designing a few products to help support our fight for those rights and hosting a few well-known firearms instructors grew into an annual event held in the fall we call the Live Free or Die Shoot. A day where the focus is safety, education, community, and fun! When we are not doing these things, we are probably at the range or out on the bike enjoying the NH countryside.